Welcome to my website! I am a professional sound designer and re-recording mixer based in London. Sound has always been my passion and I love film. I am proud that people have trusted me to design the sound for many fantastic film projects. A lot of these projects went on to win multiple awards in different countries afterwards.

I have founded Picture Sound to offer even better services to my customers. I am always interested in getting involved in great new film projects and making new contacts. So if you have an interesting film project in need of fantastic sound, please get in touch! I am very friendly and will try to help as much as I can.

For contact details and more information about me, please download my CV or have a look at my IMDb page.

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» IMDb - Nico Metten
» Picture Sound - Distinct Sound For Moving Images

These are two examples of my work that are freely avaiable online. Unfortunaltely, for copyright reasons I am unable to show most films that I worked on here. A lot of the feature films can be bought online. Please make sure to listen over decent speakers. Enjoy!

Step Forward from Ben Jacobson on Vimeo.

THRESHOLD from Hendrik C. Faller on Vimeo.